Cake Flavors


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Wedding Cake Information
Bittersweet’s cakes are all made from scratch, with the freshest, highest quality of ingredients. Our cakes taste wonderful and are beautifully decorated, unique to your event.  Our tiers are 4″-5″ tall, which delivers a more beautiful visual appearance. Each tier of wedding cake consists of 3-4 layers of cake and 2-3 layers of filling. This is a pleasant visual effect on the plate, as well as being a delight to the palate. 

Bittersweet Cakes and Catering will deliver your cake personally to the wedding venue .

At Bittersweet Cakes and Catering, we work closely with every client, to create a wedding cake that will express the joy of the day.  In the initial consultation, we discuss general tone or theme of your event, number of guests expected, flavors for the cake.  We will be there every step of the way,  to answer any questions.

Bittersweet Cakes and Catering will help make this your most cherished and memorable event.
We look forward to helping you celebrate the most important events of your lives.

All cakes are finished with either buttercream, cream cheese icing, or fondant.  The cake design  includes a border and simple side designs. Additional details are priced according to the complexity of the design.  Custom flavors, sculpted cakes, cheesecakes, and traditional Tiramisus are also available.

Tastings are limited to 4 people.


Cake Flavors

Classic Vanilla: moist vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling

Carrot Cake: with walnuts(optionl), raisins and fresh carrots, filled with cream cheese icing

Italian Crème: vanilla cake with walnuts and coconut, filled with cream cheese icing

Lemon Lovers: lemon cake filled with freshly made lemon curd or lemon buttercream

Lemon/Raspberry:  tart lemon cake filled with lemon buttercream & raspberry preserves or fresh raspberries(when available)
Lemon/Blueberry:  tart lemon cake filled with lemon buttercream & fresh blueberries(spring/summer only)

Vanilla-Raspberry: vanilla or Chocolate cake filled with vanilla or chocolate buttercream & raspberrry preserves

Vanilla-Strawberry: vanilla or chocolate cake filled with vanilla or chocolate buttercream & Strawberrry preserves

Mocha-Chocolate: vanilla or chocolate cake filled with mocha buttercream & Chocolate Ganache

Banana Indulgence: vanilla or chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache, slices of banana & vanilla custard

Raspberry Royal: vanilla cake filled with raspberry mousse

 Mocha Chocolate Chip: mocha cake studded with chocolate chips, filled with chocolate mousse

Strawberries & Cream: vanilla or chocolate cake layered with fresh strawberries & cream(Raspberries or blueberries can be used when in season.)

Tres Leches: vanilla cake soaked with three milks, layered with whipped cream & cinnamon

Dulce de Leche: vanilla cake layered with a caramel mousse

Chocolate Amaretto: almond cake lightly soaked with amaretto syrup, layered with chocolate ganache & amaretto mousse

Raspberry Almond:  Vanilla Cake layered with almond cream and raspberry preserves

Hawaiian Paradise: vanilla cake soaked with rum syrup & layered with coconut/pineapple filling

Tiramisu: vanilla cake lightly soaked with cappuccino liqueur, layered with chocolate ganache & mascarpone mousse

White Chocolate Raspberry: cake lightly soaked with Godiva white chocolate liqueur, layered with white chocolate mousse & fresh raspberries

Cinnamon Spice Cake:  Our wonderful spice cake layered with cinnamon cream cheese icing.(Autumn flavor)

Turtle Spice Cake:  Our wonderful spice cake filled with Caramel and Choc. Ganache(Autumn Flavor)

Pumpkin or Pumpkin-Cranberry:  Moist pumpkin cake studded with cranberries and cream cheese frosting(Autumn flavor)


Groom’s Cake Flavors

Chocolate Indulgence: chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse

Chocolate Hazelnut: chocolate cake filled with chocolate hazelnut mousse

German Chocolate: chocolate cake with coconut-pecan caramel filling

Cookies & Cream: chocolate cake filled with Oreo cookies & cream

Raspberry Chocolate Royale: chocolate cake layered with raspberry mousse or raspberry preserves

Red Velvet: red velvet cake with cream cheese filling

Black Forest: chocolate cake soaked with cherry brandy syrup, layered with cherries & cream

Chocolate Bailey’s: chocolate cake soaked with Bailey’s Irish Cream syrup & filled with Bailey’s Irish Cream mousse

Grand Marnier: chocolate cake soaked with Grand Marnier syrup, filled with chocolate mousse & fresh mandarin oranges

Raspberry Cream: chocolate cake layered with fresh raspberries & cream(can also be done with fresh strawberries)

Chocolate Ganache: Chocolate Cake layered with Choc. buttercream and choc. ganache

Chocolate Stout:  dark rich moist chocolate cake flavored with stout beer and chocolate ganache filling

Reeses Chocolate:  Rich Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter cream and chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Fudge:  moist lite chocolate cake with a lite chocolate buttercream

*flavors with alcohol are .80 cents more per slice.
*We can also layer cheesecake filling in our cakes