Blog #5–Finding a photographer

The key to a beautiful wedding is planning and communication. Too many times I see the frustration in a
bride-to-be overwhelmed by the entire process. Know how to work with your vendors, do not micro-manage
your photographer, but do not compromise your expectations.
Here are some tips on how to get the best photography deals for your event.
1)Choose a photographer that has worked at the venue you have chosen. Often photographers that work repeatedly at a particular venue will offer unadvertised specials.
2)If the photographer you have chosen is booked ask them whom they would recommend. Often a recommendation will get you a discount, particularly if you fill a slot from a recently cancelled event.
3)They might also recommend a new and upcoming photographer that charges a “new photographer” price.
4)Consider choosing and off-peak time for your wedding. May/June & Holiday weddings are literally competing against each other so the prices will be higher.
5)Be a great client—Bridezillas pay the price for their attitudes and often loose alot of the extra perks photographers are willing to throw in items to the package because of a brides pleasant attitude.
6)Ask for them to make recommendations for other vendors.
7)Take care of your photographer at the event: Make sure they are fed, have safe place to store their equipment
8) when choosing a photographer be careful of choosing a buget priced person they are ofter a person that is looking to “expand their portfolio” and simply do not have the experience to capture your event wityh any quality and often do not have the equipment to do the job well.

9)Please remember that a photographers work is mostly done after the wedding is over and that these images become the most important part of your wedding memories. THey spend days in fromt of the computer going through images, retouching selections, enhancing and styling the final images, backing up files, formatting, creating an online gallery, etc…. Let them know that you appreciate all of the work they are doing.

By following these tips you will find that it is possible to get quality photography services foryour specific budget.

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