Blog #6–Finding a caterer

How much does it cost to serve 150 guests dinner? Typically this is the first question a couple will ask.
Caterers usually have a few set budget packages, but 95% of bridal couples want to serve serve a menu that will be memorable and special for them. There are many details that need to be discussed before a price can be reached. So when you talk to a caterer be prepared with information that will help them develop a menu and a pricepoint that is within your budget.

1)Share with the caterer your food budget. This may change eventually, but a starting point is necessary.
2)What is the budget for the Bridal & Grooms cakes.
3)What venue are using for the reception?
4)Expected guest count
5)Are there any food allergies for you or your guests
6)Do you need China, stemware, flatware, etc.

Please keep in mind that caterering menus can have a wide range of prices–$20-$70pp. If you are on a
relatively tight budget here are a few tips that will help you keep the cost down:

1)Have the Cocktail hour and the dinner served buffet style. Passed Hors D’oeuvres and plated dinners
need twice or three times the amount of servers and this will significantly add to the total cost.
Buffets can be very beautifully presented. In fact 95% of the weddings we do are buffet style and are quite beautiful.

2)Choose less expensive menu items. Shrimp and Salmon are delicious, but are also significantly higher
in cost than Chicken, Brisket or Pork Loin.

3)Keep the cake decorations simple. A simply decorated cake can be around $4+pp. Very intricate design
work on a cake can cost $6-$8pp or more.

4)Consider using plastic ware instead of China. There are very nice plastic ware options in the market
these days and this can save quite a bit of money.

Just remember we are here to help make your day a wonderful and memorable for event for you.

Happy Tastings!

Laura Eliel
Bittersweet Cakes & Catering

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