Salads & Sides

Catering: Salads and Sides (Download Menu PDF).Please note that some of these items are seasonal and availability may be depend
on the Venue and kitchen facilities available.  We will be happy to customize
your menu if you don’t find the item you are looking for below.

Harvest salad:
Mixed greens, tart apples, cranberries, cinnamon pecans, red onions, cucumber
Summer Berry salad:
Mixed greens,cucumber, strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon pecans, red onions, mint(feta, goat cheese, gorgonzola optional)
Thai mango salad on a bed of baby spinach & mixed greens
Beet, orange, goat cheese  topped with toasted almonds on a bed of mixed greens served with a strawberry vinaigrette
Watermelon & Feta Salad with mint on a bed of mixed greens
Traditional mixed salad
Pear & Blue Cheese Salad with mixed geens, toasted walnuts, bacon
Caesar salad with homemade Croutons & Dressing
Pomegranate & braised Pear salad with gorgonzola & cinnamon walnuts on a bed of mixed greens
Caprese Salad—Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil

Spicy Cole Slaw with Pumpkin seeds

Side Dishes
Green beans in a lemon butter sauce (gorgonzola optional) or Soy-Sesame sauce or Almondine
Cauliflower, Potato or Broccoli au gratin
Artichoke hearts in a white wine & cream sauce
Wasabi Mashed Potatoes
 Asparagus served with Lemon-Basil Aioli or Lemon-Butter sauce ( Gorgonzola optional)
Bacon-Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Corn & Red Pepper Succotash
Roasted Brussel sprouts tossed with olive oil and Parmesan
Gourmet Mac n Cheese Bar served with sour cream, bacon, and 2 more items of your choice.
Whipped Potato &/or Whipped Yam Bar served with sour cream, cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms
Honey glazed sliced carrots with pecans
Roasted Red potatoes
Lime Cilantro Rice
Spanish Rice
Almond-Mint Couscous

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